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Zone of Silence focuses on the area acting like a domestic Bermuda Triangle, an invisible interference which appears in the southwest and not only wreaks havoc on communications but is central to key myths, folklore and legends. When a group of ICE agents go missing under odd circumstances within the "zone", a task force is formed to find them. Science clashes with the unexplained on a weekly basis while the larger search to explain the disappearance continues.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Zone of Silence - Skip zone - Netflix

A skip zone, also called a silent zone or zone of silence, is a region where a radio transmission can not be received. The zone is located between regions both closer and farther from the transmitter where reception is possible.

Zone of Silence - Avoidance - Netflix

A method of decreasing the skip zone is by decreasing the frequency of the radio waves. Decreasing the frequency is akin to increasing the ionospheric width. A point is eventually reached when decreasing the frequency results in a zero distance skip zone. In other words, a frequency exists for which vertically incident radio waves will always be refracted back to the Earth. This frequency is equivalent to the ionospheric plasma frequency and is also known as the ionospheric critical frequency, or foF2.

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