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VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu chronicles the science, culture, and economics of the emerging "green" economy. Each episode of Weediquette explores the impact of marijuana legalization across the United States and internationally, examining how people on all sides of this issue are reacting to the growing popularity and acceptance of this remarkable plant.

Weediquette - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-29

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Viceland (stylized as VICELAND; formerly History International and then H2) is an American pay television channel owned by a joint venture majority-owned by A&E Networks (who owns a 10% stake in Vice Media, alongside a separate 10% stake owned directly by A&E's co-owner Disney). It is based on the now-defunct Canadian version of the channel. Launching in 1996 as History International, a spin-off of A&E Networks' History Channel, the channel focused on international history. It re-launched as H2 in September 2011, primarily carrying reruns of documentary programming previously seen on its parent network from the mid-2000s onward, original historical and popular science documentaries, and pseudo-scientific entertainment programs. The channel re-launched on February 29, 2016 as an American home of Viceland. Operating under the creative direction of film director Spike Jonze, Viceland has a focus on lifestyle-oriented documentary and reality series aimed towards millennials, leveraging the resources of Vice's verticals with new original series, along with adaptations of and reruns of existing Vice web series. The network's launch programs featured programs hosted by existing Vice personalities such as Action Bronson and Thomas Morton, as well as notable figures such as Eddie Huang, Ellen Page, and Lance Bangs.

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