Wayward Nation - Netflix

Wayward Nation is a story of 5 friends and their search for the new American Dream. Each episode brings host Mikey McManus and friends to a different part of America, where they meet and learn from young pioneers using brains and passion to make America a better place. Always traveling by RV – these guys know how to have fun!

Wayward Nation - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2014-09-03

Wayward Nation - Awaara Hoon - Netflix

“Awaara Hoon” (Hindi: आवारा हूँ; Aavaara huun ; Russian: Бродяга я) is an internationally popular song from the 1951 classic Hindi film, Awaara, starring Raj Kapoor. The song was written in the Hindi language by lyricist Shailendra and sung by Mukesh. “Awaara Hoon” immediately struck “a chord in audiences from various classes and backgrounds all over India and beyond: in China, in the Soviet Union, in the Middle East.” In China, “both the song and film were said to be Chairman Mao's favourites.” In a May 2013 BBC poll, the song was rated the second-greatest Bollywood song of all time.

Wayward Nation - Example verse - Netflix

The refrain of the song is “Awaara Hoon”, which means “I am a vagabond/tramp”. It has a catchy, rhythmic tempo with several short lines interposed with a few slightly longer ones. It is still considered to be a timeless song of much of South Asia and the Balkans/Russian area.

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