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In this fresh take on the classic fish-out-of-water story, moms and dads try out the ultimate life change: ditching their families to take over a clan from another walk of life. For some, it's a dream vacation; for others, an absolute nightmare. When the families are switched, they live with their host families for one whole week. When the mom or dads are finally reunited with their loved ones, they have to tell their families the twist: They decide how the other family will spend their \$50,000 prize money.

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2004-07-20

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This is a list of reality television series, by general type, listed with the date of their premiere. A few details are added for some shows that don't have their own article. See reality television for further descriptions.

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This, the biggest and most successful reality genre, features contestants who compete for prizes, while often living together in close quarters. They usually feature the elimination of contestants until a winner is chosen. Sometimes they are considered to be “reality playoffs” since their format is similar to that of a playoff in sports. Beat the Clock (1950) Truth or Consequences (1950) Fort Boyard (1990) (France) Susume! Denpa Shōnen (進め!電波少年) (1992) (Japan) How do you like Wednesday? (水曜どうでしょう) (1996) (Japan) Expedition Robinson (1997) Shiawase Kazoku Keikaku (しあわせ家族計画) (1997) (Japan) The Challenge (formerly known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge) (1998) Susunu! Denpa Shōnen (進ぬ!電波少年) (1998–2002) (Japan) Big Brother (1999) (many countries) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (1999) (many countries) Big Brother (2000) (UK) Big Brother (2000) (US) Celebrity Big Brother (UK) Big Brother (2002) (Brazil) The Mole (2000) Survivor (2000) The Amazing Race (2001) Boot Camp (2001) Cannonball Run 2001 (2001) Dog Eat Dog (2001) (UK) Fear Factor (2001) Lost (2001) Moolah Beach (2001) Murder in Small Town X (2001) Pilipinas, Game KNB? (2001) (dubbed as “the best Philippine game show”) 100 Hours (2002) (New Zealand) Beg, Borrow & Deal (2002–2003) Endurance (2002) (US) I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (2002) (UK) I'm a Celebrity... US version (US) Model Flat (Fashion TV, 2002) Under One Roof (2002) Dog Eat Dog (2003) (US) Drop the Celebrity (2003) (UK) Celebrity Farm (2003) The Games (2003) (UK) Going Straight (2003) (New Zealand) Paradise Hotel (2003) Való Világ (2003) (Hungary) The Apprentice (2004) Back To Reality (2004) (UK) The Benefactor (2004) The Code Room (2004) The Farm (2004) (UK) Forever Eden (2004) Gana la Verde (2004) (US; Spanish language) I'm Famous and Frightened! (2004) (UK) Mad Mad House (2004) Peking Express (2004) (BEL/NED) Quest USA (2004) (US) Shattered (2004) (UK) Strictly Come Dancing (2004) (UK) Actuality TV's Casting Call (2005) (US) Beauty and the Geek (2005) Infinite Challenge (2005) (Korea) Pinoy Big Brother (2005) (Philippines) Vyvolení (2005) (Czech Republic, Slovakia) Deal or No Deal (2006) (many countries) Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands (2006) (UK) Solitary (2006) (US) Treasure Hunters (2006) (US) Ultimate Challenge (2006) (Pakistan's first adventure-based reality show) Unan1mous (2006) (US) Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (2007) (many countries) Britain's Got Talent (2007) (UK) Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants (2007) (US) Pirate Master (2007) (US) Total Drama Island (2007) (Canada) (animated reality series) Celebrity Apprentice (2008) I Love Money (2008) I Survived a Japanese Game Show (2008) (US) Wipeout (2008) (US) 13: Fear Is Real (2009) (US) RuPaul's Drag Race (2009) (US) The Great American Road Trip (2009) (US) Minute to Win It (2010) (US) Spring Break Challenge (2010, US) Storage Wars (2010, US) The Glass House (2012) Celebrity Splash! (2012) (many countries) Redneck Island (2012) Shipping Wars (2012, US) The Quantum Games (2014) (US) The Genius (2013) (Korea) Hollywood Game Night (2013) (US) King of the Nerds (2013) (US) Whodunnit? (2013 (US) The Quest (2014) (US) House of DVF (2014) Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge (2014) American Grit (2016) Escape the Night (2016) Bromans (2017) (UK) The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros (2017) (US) The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars (2017) (US) Celebrity Big Brother (2017) (US)

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