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"The Morton Downey Jr. Show" was one of the early shock-talk shows, Downey was a precursor to later hosts such as Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer. Downey's show tended to focus on political, rather than personal issues, but guests were still chosen on the basis of their dislike for one another, and their tendencies to lose their tempers suddenly, loudly and violently. These outbursts were encouraged by 'moderator' Downey, who would continually goad his guests to their limits.

The Morton Downey Jr. Show - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1987-10-19

The Morton Downey Jr. Show - Morton Downey Jr. - Netflix

Sean Morton Downey (December 9, 1932 – March 12, 2001), better known by his stage name Morton Downey Jr., was an American television talk show host of the late-1980s who pioneered the “trash TV” format on his program The Morton Downey Jr. Show. American independent film company Ironbound Films produced a documentary film about Downey titled Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie, which premiered April 19, 2012, at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

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In 1998, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars was dedicated to him. In the Super Mario video game series, the Koopaling Morton Koopa Jr. was named after him and has a large mouth, in reference to Downey's penchant for shouting during his talk show. In The Simpsons season 1 episode “Some Enchanted Evening”, a reporter resembling Downey is seen hosting a show called “America's Most Armed & Dangerous”.

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