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The Garden's Defining Moments is a 20-part documentary series that looks back at the most iconic moments in the history of Madison Square Garden. There's a reason why it's been called "The Word's Most Famous Arena". This series takes you inside some of the best moments to occupy the historic venue.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-17

The Garden's Defining Moments - Steve Lott - Netflix

Steve Lott (January 17, 1950) is the CEO of Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas Nevada, boxing manager, former film editor at ESPN, old friend of Mike Tyson and assitant to fight managers of the time Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs who financed Tyson's boxing coach and life mentor Cus D'Amato, boxing film historian.

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He was an executive producer at the Big Fights, Inc., and manager/assistant manager of ten fighters, including five world champions.He owns one of the world's largest collections of unique memorabilia - over 20,000 items - many of which are featured in the new Boxing Hall of Fame in SCORE. The Boxing Hall of Fame features the $75 million dollar ESPN Classic fight film and tape library. Over a thirty year span at Big Fights, Inc. 1972 – 1998, beginning as a film editor and culminating as executive producer, he had hands-on experience with every frame of what is now the ESPN/Classic Sports film and tape library. As the assistant manager and then manager of over ten fighters, he has built relationships with the leading members of the boxing press, as well as many noted trainers, boxers, referees, promoters, and boxing celebrities. He have also assisted such venues as the South Street Seaport Museum and National Museum of American Jewish History with the development of boxing exhibits. He has appeared on Larry King Live and in many boxing documentaries and TV specials.

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