The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária - Netflix

The Brazilian version of the US series "The Amazing Race".

The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-10-13

The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária - The Amazing Race 17 - Netflix

The Amazing Race 17 is the seventeenth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. This season featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world. The seventeenth cycle started on Sunday, September 26, 2010. It aired on CBS in the United States in a special 90-minute episode; then returned to its normal hour-long format the following week on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT The season finale was on December 12, 2010. The show was again hosted by Phil Keoghan. This was the final season filmed and broadcast in Standard Definition. Anesthesiologists Natalie “Nat” Strand and Katherine “Kat” Chang were the winners of the Race, and were the first all-female team to win the American edition of the competition. The season was released by CBS DVD on November 4, 2014, in a DVD set including all episodes and its accompanying Elimination Station web series. It was only made available through online purchase, manufactured by's CreateSpace.

The Amazing Race: A Corrida Milionária - Elimination Station - Netflix

After elimination, the first five eliminated teams were sequestered at a villa in Cancun, Mexico, to await the finale. CBS posted short videos on its website after each episode aired in the Pacific Time Zone to show the eliminated teams interacting at the villa. After Leg 1, Ron & Tony were the first team eliminated and were sent to the villa. They expressed their disappointment at being the first team eliminated but decided to make the most of their situation. After they settled into the villa, they decided to go kayaking, remarking how much easier it was compared to the coracle that they unsuccessfully manned during the race. Afterward, Ron & Tony sat by the pool and tried to predict who would be the first to join them in the villa; they agreed that it could be anyone. After Leg 2, Andie & Jenna were the second team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Ron and Tony welcomed them, glad to finally have another team at the villa to keep them company. Andie and Jenna revealed that they had only recently met, which shocked and moved both Ron and Tony. Andie and Jenna talked at length about their relationship over dinner with Ron & Tony, with Andie revealing the circumstances surrounding Jenna's adoption, and that she has ten other children. Leg 3 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. Ron & Tony gave Andie & Jenna salsa dancing lessons. Afterward, Andie & Jenna sat by the pool and discussed their relationship. After Leg 4, Connor & Jonathan were the third team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Prior to their arrival, the eliminated teams went on a whale shark watching excursion, but after Andie & Jenna became seasick from the rough waves, everyone returned to the villa without seeing any. Later, Connor & Jonathan arrived and shared the song they sang for Phil when they were eliminated. Connor & Jonathan then recounted what happened on their last leg, claiming that the remaining teams were starting to become more cutthroat – news which disappointed Andie & Jenna. After Leg 5, Katie & Rachel were the fourth team eliminated and were sent to the villa. Before their arrival, the three eliminated teams went to Kings Bath, where legend holds that the King bathed his children. Afterward, the three teams speculated on who would show up next, wanting another “fun” team to join them in the villa. Katie and Rachel arrived and immediately expressed how angry and disappointed they were to be eliminated, ignoring the other eliminated teams' attempts to console them. This irritated Ron & Tony, who claimed that Katie & Rachel's bitter attitudes were bringing a negative energy to the house. Later, Katie & Rachel admitted that they did enter the villa in a foul mood, but did not regret anything they had said, further bemoaning the fact that they had lost the race. Leg 6 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. The group played a game of water volleyball together in the villa's pool. Afterward, they went to the beach. Katie & Rachel, still bitter about being eliminated, said that they did not want one of the remaining all-female teams to win the race, since they had wanted to be the first all-female winners. After Leg 7, Michael & Kevin were the fifth team eliminated and were sent to the villa. After the other teams went snorkeling during the day, Katie & Rachel continued to state that they wanted an all-female team (specifically Brook & Claire) to be eliminated next, as they still were upset that they would not be the first all-female team to win; the two girls were disappointed when they saw Michael & Kevin arrive. Kevin stated his disappointment at their elimination because of an hour-long penalty, while Michael joked that he was glad to finally be done with the stresses of racing. While alone, Kevin continued to say he wished they had not been eliminated so they could have potentially gone to Asia (specifically China where they would have had a linguistic advantage), but Michael told him to just drop the issue. The next day, the eliminated teams visited Punta Sur, where Katie & Rachel spoke with Michael & Kevin about their elimination. Michael told the group that none of them should dwell on losing the race, and that it should be a learning experience on how to accept even the biggest disappointments in life. After Leg 8, Gary & Mallory were the sixth team eliminated. The teams gathered around a phone, waiting for a call to see who was eliminated. Before the call, Jenna stated that she and Rachel had dreams the previous night that either Gary & Mallory or Brook & Claire were eliminated. Katie & Rachel stated, again, that they wanted Brook & Claire to be eliminated. Everyone was surprised when Gary & Mallory called, and told the teams that it was the hardest leg ever, and that they traveled for 16 hours and ended up losing to Nat & Kat with minutes to spare. After the call, the teams continued to comment on Katie & Rachel's obsession that an all-female team should not win the race this season. The next day, the eliminated teams went down to the docks to pick up an amberjack and then cook it in the traditional Mayan Tikin Xic style. Once the food was prepared, Andie told everyone that it reminded her of home and being with family, and that the eliminated teams were her substitute family, and Connor joked that she was their substitute birth mom. Later, Ron & Tony spoke with Andie about her relationship with Jenna, and Andie said that whatever Jenna wanted to do from this point on was fine with her. After Leg 9, Chad & Stephanie were the seventh team eliminated. Connor & Jonathan spoke about how they felt the fact that they did not attend their graduation at Princeton makes it better that they did not have the transition from college student into adulthood. Later, the eliminated teams went to Alux, an underground restaurant inside a natural cavern, and Jenna had everyone around the table say what they learned from their time on the Race. Leg 10 was a non-elimination leg, but this Elimination Station featured eliminated teams waiting for the phone call with Chad & Stephanie calling the villa after their elimination in Leg 9. They told the other teams how being U-Turned by Nat & Kat had led to their elimination, and then shared the news about their engagement. Ron joked with them by asking if the elimination affected their engagement. The eliminated teams discussed who they wanted in the Top 3, with Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire both mentioned. Jokes were made about Katie & Rachel's dislike that an all-female team might win and that it was not going to be them. Later, all the eliminated teams packed up and prepared for their flight to the final destination city. Michael finally admitted to Kevin that if he were more confident in himself, they might have been able to go farther in the Race. Andie & Jenna were glad that they would be returning home soon, and Jenna expressed how she felt about her relationship with her biological mother. As the eliminated teams left he villa, all of them speculated on what the final destination would be, with guesses ranging from somewhere in Arizona to Seattle to New York City. After Leg 11, Nick & Vicki were the eighth and final team eliminated. Elimination Station showed the five eliminated teams arriving at the final destination in Los Angeles, California. After arriving in Los Angeles, the teams checked into a hotel, settled into their rooms, and awaited the phone call from the eighth team eliminated. Ron commented that he and Tony were in their home city; Kevin commented that there would be a lot of interesting things to do in Los Angeles, while also saying to his father what it would be like if they were still racing; and Andie and Jenna discussed how their future relationship would develop. Later, the teams gathered to get the call from the field to learn that Nick & Vicki had been eliminated. Vicki mentioned how she had gotten sick in the previous leg and their penalty had contributed to their loss. Nick said that he believed that Jill & Thomas would win the race, as they had been coming in first lately, but Vicki said that she thought Nat & Kat would win. The eliminated teams joked that Rachel would physically attack either Brook & Claire or Nat & Kat if they came across the finish line first; although Rachel said she was no longer upset that an all-female team could win this season. Leg 12 was the final leg of The Amazing Race 17. Elimination Station showed the Finish Line that took place in Greystone Mansion. Gary & Mallory, Chad & Stephanie, and Nick & Vicki reunited with the other eliminated teams. Andie asked to see Stephanie's engagement ring, and she told the others that they had finished in first place that leg and won a trip to Belize for their honeymoon. Tony led the eliminated teams in a dance before waiting for the remaining teams to cross the finish line. All the eliminated teams were waiting to find out who would cross the Finish Line first and win $1,000,000. When they found out that Nat & Kat crossed the finish line first and won $1,000,000, everyone congratulated them on being the first all-female team to win. Rachel, although still upset that she and Katie were not that team, said she was still happy for their win. The teams then greeted Brook & Claire as they crossed the finish line in 2nd Place, with everyone noting that the top two teams were both female teams. When Jill & Thomas finally crossed the finish line in 3rd Place, Thomas conceded that even though he and Jill were top competitors, Nat & Kat and Brook & Claire were truly the top two teams. Teams expressed their opinions about the final three teams at the Finish Line along with their joys and disappointments about the race, and the learning experiences they could draw from it.

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