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Pyramid is an American television game show that has aired several versions. The original series, The \$10,000 Pyramid, debuted March 26, 1973, and spawned seven subsequent Pyramid series (most with a full title format matching the original series, with the title reflecting the top prize increase from \$10,000, \$20,000, \$25,000, \$50,000 to \$100,000 over the years). The game featured two contestants, each paired with a celebrity. Players attempt to guess a series of words or phrases based on descriptions given to them by their teammates. The title refers to the show's pyramid-shaped gameboard, featuring six categories arranged in a triangular fashion. The various Pyramid series won a total of nine Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Game Show, second only to Jeopardy!, which has won thirteen.

Dick Clark is the host most commonly associated with the show, having hosted every incarnation from 1973–88 with the exception of the original version of The \$25,000 Pyramid, which aired in syndication from 1974 until 1979 and was hosted by Bill Cullen. The \$100,000 Pyramid was revived for a brief 1991 run with John Davidson hosting. In 2002 the series was revived as Pyramid with Donny Osmond hosting for two seasons. The most recent edition of the series, GSN's The Pyramid, was hosted by Mike Richards and aired for one forty-episode season before it was cancelled in 2012.

The $10,000 Pyramid - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

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10,000 (ten thousand) is the natural number following 9,999 and preceding 10,001.

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17163 – the largest number that is not the sum of the squares of distinct primes 17272 – weird number 17296 – amicable number with 18416 17344 – Kaprekar number 17471 – palindromic prime 17570 – weird number 17575 – square pyramidal number 17576 – 263, palindromic in base 5 17689 – 1332, palindromic in base 11 17711 – Fibonacci number 17971 – palindromic prime 17990 – weird number 17991 – Padovan number

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