Tegen de Sterren op - Netflix

Tegen de Sterren op - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2010-12-05

Tegen de Sterren op - Rob Nanninga - Netflix

Roelof Hendrik “Rob” Nanninga (6 August 1955 – 30 May 2014) was a Dutch skeptic, writer, board member of Stichting Skepsis and editor of its magazine Skepter. He became known for his critical writings about sects, alternative healers and therapists, paranormal claims and pseudoscientific trainings and courses.

Tegen de Sterren op - First skeptical activities - Netflix

At the end of 1987, Rob Nanninga was among 25 Dutch Skeptical Inquirer subscribers who convened at the Humanistisch Verbond in Utrecht, with Paul Kurtz present, to found a CSICOP-like organisation in the Netherlands, which led to Stichting Skepsis. Nanninga got involved in its formation because he was writing his book Parariteiten – Een kritische blik op het paranormale (“Paranormal Oddities – A Critical View of the Paranormal”) at the time, which was published the next year. At that convention he met many of his later colleagues such as mathematician Jan Willem Nienhuys and astronomer Cornelis de Jager, who became chairman. Nanninga himself became secretary from the end of 1988 until 2003. On 1 March 1988, the first issue of Skepsis' magazine Skepter came out, of which Nanninga became an editor, becoming its editor-in-chief in 2002 until his death.

In 1976, Nanninga got involved in a skeptics discussion group in Groningen via a school project of the college. He told them he knew how Uri Geller bent spoons. In the same year, the American skeptical organisation Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) was founded; its magazine Skeptical Inquirer also attracted several subscribers in the Netherlands. Around 1979 Nanninga's interest in sects grew, and he visited several of them with his working group “Opkomende religies” (“Emerging religions”). It was in this club that he met his girlfriend Jolanda Hennekam. In the early 1980s, Nanninga performed an experiment with a Transcendental Meditation follower, who claimed to be able to make a floating jump of over a metre, starting from a meditation position and without pushing off the ground. Nanninga requested him to jump from a plywood plate that was lying on marbles onto a mattress half a metre away. The test subject, who beforehand claimed that the meditation gave him a “flying feeling”, was confronted with the hard truth that one cannot push oneself off of a rolling plate.

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