Tegen de Sterren op - Netflix

Tegen de Sterren op - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2010-12-05

Tegen de Sterren op - Kinderen voor Kinderen - Netflix

Kinderen voor Kinderen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌkɪnd(ə)rə(m) voːr ˈkɪnd(ə)rə(n)]) is a Dutch children's choir maintained by public broadcaster VARA. The name translates as “children for children”. Since 1980 the choir has released one album of new children's songs each year, and is probably the only act from the 1980s with consecutive albums in the top 40 chart (apart from two releases). The ideas for the songs generally come from children who write in. Well-known Dutch lyricists then turn submitted ideas into finished songs. The songs on each year's album are presented in a special TV broadcast, staged and recorded in advance (in the group's early years, these shows were broadcast live). Various Dutch celebrities often appear as cast members in these shows. In 2006, Kinderen voor Kinderen staged its first live pop concert as the basis of its annual broadcast. Kinderen voor Kinderen also holds an annual “Song Contest” known as the “Kinderen voor Kinderen Songfestival” that sees the winners of the regional pre-selection rounds (one each province) compete against each other as finalists. The group has used its current logo since the release of album 28 (De Gamer) in 2007. The logo, made up of cubes spelling out the group name, incorporates an exclamation mark on an angled cube. This is a distinguishing mark in the logo of the group's funder, public broadcaster VARA. The current KvK logo is a revision of a previous one, introduced in 1990 on their eleventh album, which featured an assortment of colored bouncing cubes to form the group name.

Tegen de Sterren op - 1985–1989 - Netflix

The show for the sixth album brought a change, as it was the first to be shot on location. The running order of the songs was changed precisely to fit the adventures of a four-piece offspring consisting of teenagers Arjen and Krista, and under-10s Mark and Sasha. The parents were played by Edwin Rutten, a jazz singer/children's hero and Ati Dijckmeester, presenter of a Behind the News programme. Album 6 (reaching number 2) lacked a razor-sharp song like Tweedehands jas or Sluit je aan, but Ochtendhumeur (Morning Glory, sung by Mark who appears to be immune to the subject matter) can be added to the gallery of classics. The family got a second feature for album 7, aired on November 15, 1986. Ik ben toch zeker Sinterklaas niet, written by Het Goede Doel frontmen Henk Westbroek & Henk Temming and performed with Edwin Rutten telling he ain't Saint Nicholas, became a hit. TV-commercials are parodied and blamed for candy-addiction in two songs; the latter (Snoepverslaving; which opens the show) namechecking non-existent candy bars and chocolates. Album 7 made the top 5. Album 8 started off with its fair share of controversy; Freek de Jonge was picked to host, but because it was felt that his contribution would badly affect album sales he was replaced with actress Simone Kleinsma and show-host Ron Brandsteder. The latter famously demonstrated what a terrible chef he is, with his over-experimental meals ending up in the dustbin. Moeders wil is wet, the actual song about dad disobeying mum's rules, was the first to miss the top 40 but still a classic. The TV-show (shot before high-tech backdrops) won a Silver Rose at the Montreux Festival and the album hit the number 2 slot. The ninth show was made with the legendary talk show host Sonja Barend who dressed up as a demented grandmother for one of the songs (Dement). Highlights include the mixed messages in Hartstikke fout (Absolutely wrong), Joris en Jan (George and John), who are assumed to be gay, the anti-kissing song Kussen and the freshman year-themed Brugsmurfblues. For the first time omissions had to be made; Anti-auto lied (Anti-car song) and Liegen dat is leuk (It's fun to be a liar) were not performed on the show. Album 9 reached number 5. From the tenth show onwards it was out in the open again. Singer and presenter Hanneke Kappen was this year's guest-celebrity. It was broadcast with English subtitles. The orchestrations, with its jazzy and funky undertones, are reminiscent of the first three albums, but the modern influences are present as well; the hip-hop flavoured Stuntelkampioen (Fumbling champion) for example, or the Westbroek & Temming-written Kip, patat en appelmoes (French fries, chicken, and apple-sauce; a popular children's dish). Album 10 fittingly made it to number 10 .

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