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This thrilling, contemporary twist on the timeless legend of "Tarzan" turns the popular tale into an urban adventure, an intriguing mystery and, most of all, an unconventional crime drama. Two decades ago, young John Clayton's parents died in a plane crash and left him alone in the African jungle, where he grew up among apes and other wild animals. A solitary human in the pure and primal order of this untamed world, John Clayton emerged as the fearless Tarzan (newcomer Travis Fimmel). Captured by his billionaire uncle, Richard Clayton (Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), the CEO of powerful Greystoke Industries, Tarzan is returned, against his will, to his family's home in New York City. Within the Clayton family, Tarzan's return has unleashed rivalries that have festered for decades. His uncle Richard is bitterly estranged from his younger sister Katherine Clayton the witty, sardonic and...

Tarzan - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-10-05

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Tarzan, a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, first appeared in the 1912 novel Tarzan of the Apes, and then in twenty-three sequels. The character proved immensely popular and quickly made the jump to other media, first and most notably to comics and film. This article concerns Tarzan's appearance in film and other non-print media.

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Gordon Griffith (1918, 1918) Tali McGregor (1984) Peter Kyriakous (1984) Danny Potts (1984) Eric Langlois (1984) Alex D. Linz 1999 (voice of young animated Tarzan) Harrison Chad (2005) Craig Garner (2013) (voice of 4-year-old CGI/Motion Capture Tarzan film) Anton Zetterholm (2013) (voice of teen CGI/Motion Capture Tarzan film) Rory J. Saper (2016) Christian Stevens (2016)

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