Storm of the Century - Netflix

A small village off the mainland is about to receive a huge winter storm. It won't be just another storm for them. A strange visitor named Andre Linoge comes to the small village and gives the residents havoc. He knows everything about them, and when he tells the truth about one of them, that person denies it. The town constable, Mike Anderson, tries to keep everyone in check with the huge storm and Linoge. Linoge keeps telling the people, "Give me what I want and I will go away"

Storm of the Century - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 80 minutes

Premier: 1999-02-14

Storm of the Century - Dekle Beach, Florida - Netflix

Dekle Beach is a Gulf coastal community in the southern part of Taylor County, Florida, United States. Dekle Beach is located at 29.8491° N, 83.6193° W. Dekle Beach is 21.8 miles south of the county seat of Perry.

Storm of the Century - The Storm of the Century - Netflix

Dekle was devastated on March 13, 1993 when the “Jordan lovely” (also known as “The Storm of the Century”) battered the beach without warning in the wee hours that fateful Saturday morning. Several residents and visitors lost their lives that day, including Mrs. Sybil Archer, the widow of Mr. Jimmy Archer. Although the devastating Storm changed the face of the beach, it didn’t change the heart of the residents, and the survivors rebuilt their beloved beach from the ground up.

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