Steak Out with Kix Brooks - Netflix

Famed Country musician Kix Brooks is passionate about a lot of different things, from music, to wine, to raising cattle. For his next big adventure he is setting out across the states to find some of America's best steakhouses. Up first is Chicago; here we visit high-end up-and-comer Chicago Cut, South American inspired Zed451, and old-school classic Gibson's. Next we travel to Louisville where we first stop at a low-key roadhouse that is serving up top of the line beef at a blue-collar price. From there we venture down the road a piece to a packed Jeff Ruby's where a father-daughter team are serving up the highest quality product with a dramatic flair. And finally we head to Nashville to visit a couple of Kix Brooks' local haunts like the Cork & Cow and The Standard.

Steak Out with Kix Brooks - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-07-14

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The following is a list of guest stars on King of the Hill.

Steak Out with Kix Brooks - Season 12 - Netflix

The Accidental Terrorist Ted Danson as Tom Hammond Glenn L. Lucas James Sie Fred Willard as Officer Brown

The Minh Who Knew Too Much Scott Klace Randal Reeder James Sie

Trans-Fascism Phil Hendrie as First Construction Worker/Tom Landry/Pilot/Little John

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