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Twenty-two years ago an earthquake destroyed the Kanagawa region of Japan. It caused the land to split and project upwards reaching extraordinary heights. It created the secluded area known as The Lost Ground. After the earthquake, The Lost Ground became home to a rising number of alter users, those with the psychic ability to change matter and create alters with unique powers. To control this lawless land the special police force, HOLD was created within an anti-alter unit, HOLY. But none of this matters to a native alter user, Kazuma. He is one of the few people that is gifted with the Alter ability. It allows him to turn his right arm and torso into a metallic alloy.

S-CRY-Ed - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2001-07-04

S-CRY-Ed - S-CRY-ed - Netflix

s-CRY-ed (Japanese: スクライド, Hepburn: Sukuraido), also known as s.CRY.ed or Scryed, is a 26 episode Japanese anime television series which first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo and Animax. The series is written by Yōsuke Kuroda, produced by Sunrise, and directed by Gorō Taniguchi, with music composed by Kōtarō Nakagawa. It is set in an alternative time in Kanagawa Prefecture where a phenomenon gave 1% of its people supernatural powers; they are known as Alters. The plot follows a young Alter mercenary known as Kazuma, as well as Ryuho, a man working for the Alter special forces known as HOLY, who become rivals as their areas clash. The series' concept originated in 1999 when Taniguchi was working on Infinite Ryvius. He wanted to create another series that would contain themes similar to it, as well as new ones centered mostly on how people adapted to the 21st century. A manga adaptation of s-CRY-ed, drawn by Yasunari Toda, was serialized in Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion. A novelization by Kazuho Hyodo has been published. Additionally, a two-part recollection film was released by Sunrise. Both the anime and the manga have also seen English release. s-CRY-ed has been popular in Japan, often appearing on polls taken by Japanese magazines, and once took third place in the Anime Grand Prix awards. Critical reception to the series has been generally positive, with reviewers noting while initial episodes might be simple, the plot becomes more interesting as the series unfolds. However, reviewers were divided as to which language was more appealing - the original Japanese or the English dub.

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