Rip Off Food - Netflix

Consumer series looking at the tricks of the trade used by food manufacturers and supermarkets, revealing how customers are fooled or misled when choosing what to buy at the shops.

Rip Off Food - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-29

Rip Off Food - Fat Freddy's Cat - Netflix

Fat Freddy's Cat is a fictional orange tomcat nominally belonging to Fat Freddy Freekowtski, one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, a trio featured in Gilbert Shelton's underground comix. While the Cat is usually featured in a small 'topper' strip below a Freak Brothers strip, he has had independent appearances and storylines of his own.

Rip Off Food - Solo titles and collections - Netflix

The Collected Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat and his Friends (Gilbert Shelton, 1975) The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat (Knockabout Comics, 1977) ISBN 0-8296-0054-X —reprints the four small ''Adventures of ... " comix except for 4 strips from #2 and 1 strip from #3 The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat (7 issues, Rip Off Press, 1977–1993) More Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat (Rip Off Press, 1981) ISBN 0-89620-057-4 — reprints 91 one-page strips Fat Freddy's Comics & Stories (2 issues, Rip Off Press, 1983–1985) The Fat Freddy's Cat Omnibus (Knockabout Comics, 2009) ISBN 0-86166161-3 — reprints The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat #1-7, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #1-6

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