Revenge - Netflix

This is not a story about forgiveness; Revenge is a show about retribution. Meet Emily Thorne, the newest resident of The Hamptons. When she was a little girl (and known as Amanda Clarke) her father, David Clarke, was framed for a horrific crime and subsequently sent to prison. While serving his time, the conspirators plotted and murdered David in order to prevent the truth from coming out. Emily is now back with a new identity and ready to take vengeance on the people that murdered her father and stole her childhood.

Revenge - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-21

Revenge - Revenge of the Mummy - Netflix

Revenge of the Mummy, officially named Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, is an enclosed roller coaster based on the Mummy film franchise, located at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Singapore, using linear induction motors (LIMs) to launch riders from a complete standstill to a top speed of between 40 and 45 mph (64 and 72 km/h) in a matter of seconds. All Revenge of the Mummy roller coasters have a minimum passenger height requirement of 48 inches (120 cm). Two versions of the attraction have the same track layout but different storylines, however the attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood has an original layout and storyline. All three attractions are manufactured by Premier Rides, feature track switches by Dynamic Structures, and are themed by Universal Creative and ITEC Entertainment Corporation. Some of the alternate features of the Singapore version were designed by Adirondack Studios.

Revenge - Ride - Netflix

As the ride begins, the mine carts move into another room inside Imhotep's tomb, where Reggie (a “Revenge of the Mummy” crew member who was missing on the set) is seen partly mummified and warns the riders: “Are you insane?! Get out of here! The curse is real; this whole place is a trap! He is after your souls! Look for the medjai symbol. It's your only hope!” Before Reggie can finish his sentence, Imhotep then comes out of a sarcophagus, shouts, “Silence!”, sucks out Reggie's soul, and reminds the riders, “With your souls, I shall rule for all eternity!” The cars next move into a second room where there is treasure on the left and right sides of the car. Imhotep appears from the sand in front of a tomb mural and tempts the riders: “Serve me and savor riches beyond measure, or refuse and savor a more bitter treasure.” Soldier mummies appear in front of the treasure. The cart then quickly moves into another room where the mine cart “hits” a wall and scarab beetles come “pouring out” of a wall in front of the riders. The cart then drops backwards into another room where it stops. Imhotep appears again on a screen above the riders, moving across the screen to the back of the room, while the ride vehicle turns 180 degrees to follow him. Imhotep warns “Not even the medjai can save you now. There is no escape. Your end shall be my beginning. Behold your fate. Will this be your destiny?” Then the ride catapults guests to 40 mph while Imhotep shouts: “Your souls are mine!” The mine cart passes through Imhotep's skull (a fog display) and drops through various turns, while speeding past projections of mummies and fire. The cart comes to a stop after this, and a female ride attendant appears behind a glassed control booth and thanks them for riding, but Imhotep sucks out her soul, breaks the glass, and sets the ceiling on fire while shouting “Prepare to forfeit your souls! Death is only the beginning!” The cart then drops down 39 ft (the highest drop in the ride) and goes down a winding drop until a medjai symbol appears while Imhotep shouts “NOOOOO!” as the vehicle passes through the medjai symbol. Then passengers travel through a tunnel of flickering lights with a screen in front of them. Rick O'Connell (as portrayed by Brendan Fraser) appears and tells the riders, “Hey, welcome back! Hope you enjoyed yourself. I would have enjoyed this interview a lot more if I HAD GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE!!!” Suddenly, a cape passes over the screen and Imhotep's arm offers Fraser a cup of coffee. As Fraser screams and falls back in his chair, the screen fades to black, while riders hear Imhotep roaring over Fraser's screams. Riders are then directed to exit through an actual unload station. At the exit of the ride, riders see a missing persons poster with a picture of Reggie on it.

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