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TLC shares the full story behind some the women who are incarcerated in America's prisons in the all-new six-episode series Prison Diaries, premiering Thursday September 19 at 10/9c. Featuring first-person interviews with the convicted women, their victims and families, and the people who brought the crimes to justice, each story offers an exclusive and harrowing journey inside the female criminal mind.

Prison Diaries - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-22

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Charles Arthur “Charlie” Salvador (formerly Charles Ali Ahmed; born Michael Gordon Peterson on 6 December 1952), better known as Charles Bronson, is an English criminal who has been referred to in the British press as the self-styled “most violent prisoner in Britain” and “Britain's most notorious prisoner”. He has spent periods detained in the Rampton, Broadmoor and Ashworth high-security psychiatric hospital. Originating as a petty criminal, he was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for armed robbery in 1974. Upon his release, he began a bare-knuckle boxing career in the East End of London. His promoter thought he needed a more suitable name and suggested he change it to Charles Bronson, after the American actor. He was returned to prison for planning another robbery and continued to be a violent inmate, taking numerous hostages, resulting in his being sentenced to life imprisonment. Bronson is one of the highest-profile criminals in Britain and has been featured in books, interviews, and studies in prison reform and treatment. In his own words: “I'm a nice guy, but sometimes I lose all my senses and become nasty. That doesn't make me evil, just confused.” He was the subject of the 2008 film Bronson starring Tom Hardy, a biopic based loosely around his life. Bronson has written many books about his experiences and famous prisoners he has met throughout his incarceration. A self-declared fitness fanatic who has spent many years in segregation, Bronson dedicated a book to exercising in confined spaces. He has also cultivated a reputation as an outsider artist, with his paintings and illustrations of prison and psychiatric hospital life being publicly exhibited and winning him multiple awards. In 2014 he changed his name again, this time to Charles Salvador in a mark of respect to one of his favourite artists, Salvador Dalí, and to distance himself from his existing reputation. The Charles Salvador Art Foundation was founded to promote his artwork and “help those in positions even less fortunate than his own” to participate in art..

Prison Diaries - Early life - Netflix

Bronson was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, one of three sons of Eira and Joe Peterson, who would later run the Conservative club in Aberystwyth. Bronson also has a cousin, Loraine Salvage. His uncle and aunt were mayor and mayoress of the town in the 1960s and 1970s. His aunt, Eileen Parry, is quoted as saying: “As a boy, he was a lovely lad. He was obviously bright and always good with children. He was gentle and mild-mannered, never a bully; he would defend the weak”. He lived in Luton from the age of four, but when he was a teenager, he moved with his family to Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, where he started getting into trouble. By the age of 13, he was part of a gang of four robbers and was reprimanded in juvenile court after he was caught stealing. He enjoyed fighting from an early age, and was often absent from school. Bronson later returned to Luton, which he refers to as his hometown. His first job was at Tesco, which lasted two weeks before he was dismissed for attacking his manager. He passed through a number of jobs, working as a hod carrier and in a number of factories. He faced prison for the first time at Risley, serving time on remand for criminal damage after he smashed some parked cars following an argument with his girlfriend's father; following his trial, he was fined and given probation. Bronson then worked as a furniture remover, while regularly fighting on his nights out. After getting involved in petty crime, he got into serious trouble for the first time after crashing a stolen lorry into a car. He ran 90 miles (140 km) away from the scene to his parents' home, where he was apprehended. The driver of the car survived the collision so Bronson got off lightly, receiving yet more fines and probation. After his trial, he returned to petty crimes and menial labour. In 1972, he married Irene Kelsey, with whom he had a son, Michael Jonathan, later the same year. At the age of 19, he was convicted for his part in a smash and grab raid, but was given one last chance by the judge, who gave him a suspended sentence.

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