One Man Army - Netflix

What do you get when you pit elite military, extreme sports and law enforcement operatives against one another? One Man Army, a competition series which sees the toughest of the tough go head to head in events that would sideline regular contestants in an instant. Hosted by Mykel Hawke, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, One Man Army makes its world premiere on Discovery Channel Wednesday, July 13 from 10-11PM ET/PT. In the dangerous, unpredictable world of covert operations, counterterrorism, elite combat and law enforcement, only the fastest, strongest and smartest survive. In each episode of One Man Army, Hawke (Man, Woman Wild) puts four of the deadliest humans in America through three separate challenges of speed, strength and intelligence. One by one, they are eliminated until one stands alone as the winner of both a \$10,000 prize and the title of "One Man Army".

One Man Army - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-07-13

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“One Man Army” (often mistakenly called “Falling”) is a song by Canadian alternative rock group Our Lady Peace. It was released in July 1999 as the lead single from their third album, Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch.

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The release of the live version of “One Man Army” from their Woodstock 1999 performance forced the record label to release the single several weeks earlier than the planned date of August 4.

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