Off the Map with Shannen & Holly - Netflix

Former co-stars and real-life friends Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs travel on an adventure-fueled road trip through the southeastern United States, participating in activities for which viewers voted online, affecting the production team in real time. From tomato fights in Kentucky and moonshine-making in Tennessee, to ghost tours in Georgia and dirt track races in Alabama, Shannen and Holly are game for anything on their six-state tour. Along the way, their mutual love of animals takes them to a horse sanctuary near Lexington where they fall in love with a young foal and to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center where they help the staff tag and release a feisty alligator.

Off the Map with Shannen & Holly - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-02

Off the Map with Shannen & Holly - The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - Netflix

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin is an American/Canadian animated television series based on Teddy Ruxpin, an animatronic teddy bear created by Ken Forsse and distributed by toy manufacturer Worlds of Wonder. It was produced for television syndication by DiC with Atkinson Film-Arts using many of the same voice actors used in the book-and-tape series that was made for the eponymous animatronic toy. While some of the stories used in the TV series were adapted from the books, many were original and greatly expanded upon the world established there. The series differed from traditional children's animation in that most of its 65 episodes were serialized rather than in traditional episodic form. In the United States, the series was originally syndicated by LBS Communications. Today, all international distribution rights to the series are held by Don Taffner's DLT Entertainment.

Off the Map with Shannen & Holly - Main characters - Netflix

The three main protagonists, often referred to collectively in fandom as The Trio: Teddy Ruxpin (voiced by Phil Baron): The protagonist of the series. He is a young Illiop (roughly 15) whose father disappeared when he was a child. He comes to Grundo to follow a treasure map. Like other Illiops, he is kind and friendly. He loves adventure, meeting new faces, and having new experiences. Grubby (voiced by Will Ryan): Teddy's best friend who is an Octopede about Teddy's age. They are best friends. Noted for his large appetite, he is fond of cooking and eating root stew and other foods made from roots (which usually do not taste good to non-Octopedes). Though not the bravest or smartest of Teddy's friends, he always sticks by Teddy. Newton Gimmick (voiced by John Stocker): A bald Perloon inventor with a severe stuttering problem and a broad and otherwise questionable definition of “science”. Most of his “inventions” either do not work or don't serve any real purpose. He is also somewhat absent-minded. He is usually referred to simply as Gimmick.

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