Noel's Sell or Swap Live - Netflix

Unwanted items? Unrequited dreams? Noel Edmonds and his Sell or Swap team are here to help. This brand new live auction show gives guests the chance to bid on an eclectic mix of items, with up to three auctions running at the same time during the show. The item's owners will have a funny or emotive reason why they desperately need to dispose of the things they're putting up for sale - it might be an unwanted Christmas present, an object that the family rows over, or something bought in haste. Noel and his SOS squad are on hand to create a bidding frenzy.

Noel's Sell or Swap Live - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-12-30

Noel's Sell or Swap Live - Miranda Sings - Netflix

Miranda Sings is a fictional character, developed on the internet, created in 2008 and portrayed by American comedian, actress and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger. Ballinger displays videos of the comically talentless, egotistical, misguided and quirky character on her YouTube channel. In these videos, the eccentric, narcissistic, yet endearing character sings and dances badly, gives inept “tutorials”, recounts her daily activities, discusses current events that she often misunderstands, collaborates with other YouTubers, and rants about her critics, reading examples of hate mail directed at the character on social media; she responds to them with her catchphrase: “Haters Back Off!”. Ballinger created the character as a satire of bad but arrogant singers who believe that posting their videos on YouTube will lead to them breaking into show business. As of April 2018, the Miranda Sings YouTube channel had surpassed 1.6 billion views and 8 million subscribers, and Miranda had more than 6 million Instagram followers. Miranda has been ranked the 7th “most popular” YouTube personality by Daily American. The character also has an active presence on other social media platforms. Since 2009, in addition to her internet videos, Ballinger has regularly presented live comedy acts, in character as Miranda Sings, at first in cabaret spaces and later in theaters in New York, London, and other cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and elsewhere. Her acts include Miranda's signature off-key singing of pop music hits and show tunes, with introductions focusing on the character's backstory. Her delivery is full of malapropisms, mondegreens and spoonerisms, and the acts incorporate interaction with audience volunteers, giving a “voice lesson” to, or singing a duet with, Broadway or other musical celebrities, reading hate mail, and singing while being stabbed through the neck in her “magic trick”. The character has appeared in web series, interviews and an episode of the TV show Victorious. In 2014, she guest-starred in character on an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In July 2015, she released a New York Times #1 best-selling book, written in Miranda's voice, titled Selp-Helf. Miranda is the main character in the Netflix original series Haters Back Off, which premiered in 2016 and was renewed for a second season in 2017. Ballinger won a Teen Choice Award and a Streamy Award for her Miranda videos.

Noel's Sell or Swap Live - Haters Back Off - Netflix

Miranda is the main character of a Netflix comedy series, Haters Back Off, co-developed by Ballinger and her brother Christopher Ballinger, about the beginnings of Miranda's career, her family life and her efforts to demonstrate her talents as she seeks fame. The series fills out the backstory implied in Miranda's videos, incarnating her spineless mother, Bethany, and her overly devoted uncle Jim. It also introduced Miranda's best friend and neighbor, Patrick, who has a crush on her; her younger sister, Emily, the normal family member who is treated as an outsider; and her estranged father Kelly. Neflix released the first season in October 2016 and the second season in October 2017, after which it cancelled the series.

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