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Vessel original series.

NerdSports - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 11 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-20

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The anti-jock movement is a loosely organized cyber-movement consisting of similarly themed websites, whose goal is to challenge the perceived cultural dominance of institutionalized competitive sports and to raise issues of the perceived detrimental effects of such a dominance. In this regard, the term “jock” is used in its sense of “stereotypical athlete,” although websites constituent of the Anti-jock Movement often use the term to distinguish negative or excessive interest in sports, from common or positive athletic endeavor. The “stereotypical athlete” can be defined as an individual who uses their athletic ability in an effort to gain social capital. Their identity is intertwined with their athletic endeavor and as a result they are unable to connect with individuals who do not participate in athletics. In the decade following the year 2000, increasing recognition has been given to the existence of a movement consisting of "a group of self-described marginalized youth [who] constructed and sustained anti-jock websites, where they articulated 'dissatisfaction with and anger toward institutions that uncritically adulate hyper-masculine/high contact sport culture and the athletes who are part of this culture (i.e., the ‘jocks’)'”. This “group of self-described marginalized youth” identify with the individuals who feel as though they have been marginalized by “stereotypical athlete”. As a whole, the group of young people who created the anti-jock cyber movement were not students who participated in athletics. The anti-jock cyber-movement was created as support to those who feel as though they have been tormented by the 'jocks' and was initially created as a support group. As the anti-jock movement gained support, it was took on a more negative perspective against the “stereotypical athlete”. Such has been cited as an act of resistance against the dominant media and cultural paradigm.

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The anti-jock movement is group of self-described “marginalized youth” who, through the production and consumption of anti-jock Websites, express dissatisfaction with and anger toward institutions that uncritically adulate hyper-masculine/high-contact sport culture and the athletes who are part of this culture (i.e. the “jocks”). Through these Websites, strategies of resistance against the “pro-jock” establishment are offered.

In one sense, the anti-jock Websites can be viewed, together, as a new social movement according to Harvey and Houle's definition. That is to say, they are not linked to specific economic interests, they are working toward change in society's (pro-jock) values, and (arguably), anti-jocks are working toward a better society where males and females are nor subject to the domination of the interests of a masculinist sport culture and jocks.

Since its 2002 publication, Wilson's article has been often cited with reference to the existence of the Anti-Jock Movement.

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