Murder City - Netflix

Murder City is a police drama with a mismatched duo at its heart. The pair solve challenging homicide cases with very different but critical investigation techniques.

Murder City - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2004-03-17

Murder City - Murder City (TV series) - Netflix

Murder City is a British crime drama series produced by Granada Television, first broadcast on 18 March 2004 on ITV, that focuses on two mismatched detectives — DI Susan Alembic (Amanda Donohoe) and DS Luke Stone (Kris Marshall) — who scour London solving complex cases. The first series consisted of six episodes. A second and final series of four episodes was subsequently commissioned, which began broadcast on 5 April 2006. Following declining viewing figures, a third series of Murder City was not commissioned. BBC America began airing the complete series on 17 August 2006, and it was subsequently released in a Region 1 four-disc DVD box set by Image Entertainment on 14 August 2007.

Murder City - Characterisation - Netflix

Whilst the premise of the show features a murder squad investigating complex cases in and around London, the drama created is centered around the re-alignment of character team-ups. Although DI Susan Alembic (Amanda Donohoe) and DS Luke Stone (Kris Marshall) are the lead characters and partners, writer Robert Murphy frequently separates them at the beginning of each episode, by providing them with their own case to solve. While Alembic is typically partnered with DI Adrian Dumfries (Geff Francis), Dumfries also possessed his own cases which the episodes followed. Additionally, character personality alignment frequently varied. Episodes either switched between Stone and Alembic uniting against Dumfries' personality, or Dumfries and Alembic conjoining to discourage Stone's theories. However, one episode showed all three sharing a laugh, despite DCI Sebastian Turner (Tim Woodward)'s chagrin. Despite showing the personality failures of each character, the series did not overtly lampoon any character or favour one crime solving style over another. Both the 'out of the box' and the 'by the book' characters contribute to the solution of their individual cases through their unique approaches.

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