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While driving from Arizona to California with his act, the Atwood Orangutans (Cha Cha and Bobo), Tommy Atwood is run off the road. Tommy is knocked unconscious and Cha Cha and Bobo, frightened by the approaching police sirens, run away. Cha Cha is found by the Humane Society and later sent to a government research center in Washington, D.C.

Six weeks later, Cha Cha escapes from his cage and, while wandering about the building, enters a lab in which an enzyme designed to increase human intelligence is being developed. Cha Cha mixes some chemicals, drinks the result--and is suddenly endowed with the ability to talk. When tests reveal that he has an I.Q. of 256, he is named Mr. Smith and made a government consultant.

Tommy, later traced through Mr. Smith, is summoned to Washington and becomes Cha Cha's assistant. The series depicts the adventures of an articulate genius and government consultant--who happens to be an orangutan--as he attempts to become "human".

Mr. Smith - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1983-09-23

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a 1939 American political comedy-drama film directed by Frank Capra, starring Jean Arthur and James Stewart, and featuring Claude Rains and Edward Arnold. The film is about a newly appointed United States Senator who fights against a corrupt political system, and was written by Sidney Buchman, based on Lewis R. Foster's unpublished story “The Gentleman from Montana”. The film was controversial when it was first released, but was also successful at the box office, and made Stewart a major movie star. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, winning for Best Original Story. Considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, the film was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 1989, deeming it “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

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The March 10, 1940 broadcast of Jack Benny's NBC radio show featured a parody entitled “Mr. Benny Goes to Washington.” The short-lived NBC political drama Mister Sterling (2003) was described as “a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington for the 21st century”, with the show centering on an idealistic young senator from California, coming to grips with Washington and appointed by a scheming, underhanded governor. The VHS release of Ernest Rides Again featured the opening Saturday Night Live-based short “Mr. Bill Goes to Washington”, a spoof of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The Simpsons episode “Beyond Blunderdome” includes a parodistic, fake remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, authored by a fictional Mel Gibson with Homer Simpson's help. The fictional remake follows the same plot of the original (save for being set in the 21st century) until the final iconic “filibuster scene”, replaced with a stock action scene in which a nearly exhausted Mr. Smith suddenly stands up and viciously slaughters every single senator, impaling Senator Payne with an American flag, destroying the Senate and beheading the President of the United States, mockingly quoting Marilyn Monroe's “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. The Simpsons episode “Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington” is inspired by, and contains several references to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The episode deals with Lisa Simpson's disillusionment with Washington government, following her winning a trip to Washington as a prize in an essay contest. The Simpsons episode “Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington” is also inspired by this film. In it, the Simpsons help Krusty the Clown get elected to Congress in exchange for his help in passing a bill that would move the airport flight path away from their neighborhood. Once in Washington, they find their plans blocked by a corrupt and lazy Congress, until Walter Mondale (who is now a janitor) shows them the tricks to get their bill passed.

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