Mother, Can I Quit Being Your Daughter? - Netflix

A suspenseful family drama revolves around a mother and daughter who have an excessively close relationship. They have overcome many challenges together based on mutual trust; however, the tight-knit relationship was shaken by an encounter with a man. As the daughter becomes intimate with him, she begins to keep a distance from her mother. Being deeply disturbed by her behavior, the mother makes a radical move to have her daughter nearby

Mother, Can I Quit Being Your Daughter? - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 48 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-13

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The Metal Gear franchise features a large number of characters created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa. Its setting features several soldiers with supernatural powers provided by the new advancements of science. The series follows mercenary Solid Snake given government missions of finding the Metal Gear weapon, resulting in encounters with Gray Fox and Big Boss in Outer Heaven (Metal Gear) and Zanzibar Land (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake). Later, Solid Snake meets Otacon and opposes Liquid Snake's FOXHOUND in Metal Gear Solid then assists Raiden in fighting both Solidus Snake and the Patriots in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Additionally, there are several prequel games that follow Big Boss's past and legend development as well as the origins of FOXHOUND, Outer Heaven and the Patriots. While the original Metal Gear games had their characters designs modeled after Hollywood actors, the Metal Gear Solid games established a series of consistent designs based on Shinkawa's ideas of what would appeal to gamers. Additionally, several of the characters he designs follow Kojima and the other staff's ideas. Critical reception of the game's cast has been positive as publications praised their personalities and roles within the series.

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Bladewolf (ブレードウルフ, Burēdourufu), also known as the IF Prototype LQ-84i, is an unmanned AI weapon in Desperado's arsenal. When Raiden defeats the machine, Maverick rebuilds it as an ally. Nearly being destroyed during the battle with Armstrong, he later goes to live with Sunny at SOLIS. An additional chapter released as downloadable content details part of Bladewolf's history with Desperado prior to his first encounter with Raiden. Bladewolf is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in Japanese and by Michael Beattie in English.

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