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Men in Black: The Series, also known as MIB: The Series and Men in Black: The Animated Series, is an American animated television series that originally aired on The WB's Kids' WB from October 11, 1997 to June 30, 2002.

The show features characters from 1997's science fiction film Men in Black.

Men in Black: The Series - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1997-10-11

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The Men in Black is an American comic book created and written by Lowell Cunningham, illustrated by Sandy Carruthers, and originally published by Aircel Comics. Aircel would later be bought out by Malibu Comics, which itself was bought out by Marvel Comics. Three issues were published in 1990, with another three the following year. It was adapted into the film Men in Black, which was a critical and commercial success, leading to two sequels and various spin-offs, as well as a number of tie-in one-shot comics from Marvel. Cunningham had the idea for the comic once a friend of his introduced him to the concept of government “Men in Black” upon seeing a black van riding the streets.

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Beginning with the release of the 1997 film Men in Black, the series has been adapted across a wide variety of media, spawning an entire franchise. Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the film proved a huge box office success for Columbia Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, resulting in two sequels: Men in Black II and Men in Black 3. The popularity of the films has subsequently led to many tie-ins and spin-offs, including a cartoon titled Men in Black: The Series, novelizations, soundtracks of each film, video games and an amusement park ride. Despite sharing the same basic premise, the various adaptations differ greatly from the original comic series. Some of these differences include: The secret organization exclusively policing extraterrestrial activity on Earth while omitting the other paranormal elements, using memory erasure rather than killing witnesses, and the agency's main goal being to maintain order on Earth rather than to direct it. The tone of the series was lightened, exchanging the comics' dark and bleak approach for comedy.

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