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The gorgeous, peerless student council president, Medaka Kurokami, solves everyone's problems! Medaka Kurokami, who has just become Sandbox Academy's 98th student council president, sets up a suggestion box as promised in her election campaign. "Your dreams belong to you. Go after them and make them come true yourself. Your worries, however, belong to me. Send them all my way!!" As Medaka solves her fellow students' problems along with her friend since childhood, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, her suggestion box, nicknamed the Medaka Box, earns great popularity among the students.

Medaka Box - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2012-04-04

Medaka Box - Akira Akatsuki - Netflix

Akira Akatsuki (暁月 あきら, Akatsuki Akira, born August 18, 1977) is a Japanese manga artist. His most notable work was as the illustrator for Nisio Isin's manga series Medaka Box, which ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2009–13. Another one of his works Luger Code 1951 was adapted into a net anime by Studio Deen in 2016.

Medaka Box - Works - Netflix

Z-XL Dai (Z-XLダイ) – Akamaru Jump, 2003 Angel Agent – Jump the Revolution!, 2005 Contractor M&Y (ja:神力契約者M&Y, also Controller M&Y) – Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2006–07, one-shot and series Little Brave Pukateriosu (LITTLE BRAVE プカテリオス) – Akamaru Jump, 2008 Medaka Box (めだかボックス) – Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2009–13, one-shot and 22 volume series, with Nisio Isin – Illustrator Good Loser Kumagawa – Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2011, one-shot, with Isio Nisin – spin-off of Medaka Box Toshokan Kyūseishu Kurabu (図書館救世主倶楽部, Library Savior Club) – Jump Next!, 2013 Musume Iri-Bako (Girl in a Box) – Weekly Shonen Jump, 2014, one shot, with Nisio Isin

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