Maya the Bee - Netflix

Maya the Bee is an adventure comedy centered on Maya, a young bee filled with curiosity, who loves to explore and discover the world. Maya and her best friend, Willy, love asking questions about everything to find out about the mysteries that surround them. Maya's exploration encourages kids to learn facts about nature through her adventures. The series features entertaining content with lessons in bio diversity and nature protection.

Maya the Bee - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 11 minutes

Premier: 2013-03-29

Maya the Bee - Studio 100 Animation - Netflix

Studio 100 Animation is a global production and services company specialized in animation business and directed by Katell France. Based in Paris, France, it is a 100% subsidiary of the Belgium headquartered Studio 100, a leading company in the family entertainment business. Studio 100 Animation was the ninth producer of French animation programs in 2012. In 2012, Studio 100 Animation opened a Licensing and Merchandising office in Paris in order to manage animation series properties in France. It also acquired EM Entertainment for its distribution network and back catalogue. It also owns the australian animation studio Flying Bark Productions and the british animation studio Little Airplane Productions.

Maya the Bee - Children's animation films - Netflix

2014: Maya the Bee Movie - 87 minutes 2015: Blinky Bill the Movie - 93 minutes 2018: Maya the Bee 2: The Honey Games - 85 minutes

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