Love is More Than a Word - Netflix

Tao Mo is a playful guy with a good family background. He had spent 5000 bucks to buys a county magistrate position in Tanyang. Tan Yang is a well-known place for barristers because both of the top barristers, Lin Zheng Yong and Yi Chui are staying at there.

Tao Mo is illiterate and uneducated, but he is truly repentant and hopes to become a dedicated magistrate for the sake of his father that already passed away. Not long after he took up the official post, he met Gu She, a student of the top barrister, Yi Chui, and having some feelings with him. Gu She is narcissistic and indulge in self-admiration, however the way of how honest is Tao Mo in judging and handling cases in his own way has caught Gu She's attention towards Tao Mo.

It looks like just an ordinary story of how determined is Tao Mo to becomes a good magistrate for his father, but there are many mysteries that lying at behind.

Love is More Than a Word - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-09-12

Love is More Than a Word - Love Is a Dog from Hell - Netflix

Love is a Dog From Hell is the second and final studio album by American spoken word artist Maggie Estep. It was released on July 1, 1997 via Mouth Almighty and Mercury Records. The album represents a musical departure from Estep's previous album, No More Mr. Nice Girl. It features spoken word tracks that are influenced by various electronic music genres, such as ambient, techno and trip hop, as well as “straight-on rock songs.” The album also includes a cover of the Lou Reed song, “Vicious”, from Transformer. A music video for the cover was directed by Steve Buscemi and features an appearance by Reed.

Love is More Than a Word - Track listing - Netflix

“Master of Lunacy” – 3:52 “I'm an Emotional Idiot” – 2:09 “Mrs. McCormick” – 0:08 “Gum” – 3:39 “Stalk Me” – 3:07 “Portnoy's Psychiatric Complaint” – 0:27 “Vicious” (Lou Reed) – 3:00 “Fireater” – 4:17 “David Cronenberg” – 0:35 “(Writer Guy) I Want Mangos” – 3:37 “Jenny's Shirt” – 4:12 “How to Get Free Hamburgers” – 4:19 “Miles Howard Chandler” – 0:08 “Scab Maids On Speed” – 1:33 “Welcome To The Monkyhouse” – 3:59

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