La princesa de Éboli - Netflix

La princesa de Éboli - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 75 minutes

Premier: 2010-10-18

La princesa de Éboli - Pinto, Madrid - Netflix

Pinto is a municipality which became a town in the 1990s and is in the south of the autonomous community of Madrid, central Spain. Formerly, the belief was that Pinto sat on the geographic middle of the Iberian Peninsula, hence its name comes from the Latin Punctum, “point”. It has a monument to this debatable fact..

La princesa de Éboli - Main sights - Netflix

Ermita de San Antón (“Saint Anthony Abbot hermitage”). Its environment is now transformed by the construction of a mall. The hermitage had been rebuilt during the 19th century. Ermita del Cristo (“Christ hermitage”) In its interior is a crucified Christ that enjoys great popular fervor. Iglesia parroquial de Santo Domingo de Silos (“Parish of Saint Dominic of Silos”) Éboli tower, where the princess of Eboli was held. Centro Cultural Infanta Cristina. It was thought until recently that this building, then known as Casa de la Cadena (House of the Chain), provided accommodation for the Catholic Monarchs, but serious historical studies have disproved such a possibility. MUSEO DE HOPIADORES Its exterior is somewhat blue pink and red Centro Municipal de Cultura (“Local Culture Center”) Francisco Rabal Town Theatre Regional park of the Southeast

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