Justin Lee Collins: Good Times - Netflix

Filmed before a live audience in the opulent and iconic Rivoli Ballroom in South London, JLC will interview the best guests in town, with a musical act performing a rousing, crowd-pleasing piece each week. It's a glamorous, glitzy night out with Justin and his guests.

Justin Lee Collins: Good Times - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-29

Justin Lee Collins: Good Times - The Sunday Night Project - Netflix

The Sunday Night Project is a British comedy-variety show by Princess Productions that first aired on Channel 4 in February 2005 under the title The Friday Night Project. Originally broadcast on Friday nights, the show moved to Sunday nights for its seventh series in 2008. Each week, the regular hosts (from series 2 onwards) Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr are joined by a celebrity guest host. These guests provide an opening monologue, are interviewed by Alan and Justin and take questions from the studio audience. They also take part in comedy sketches, hidden camera stunts and a game show where someone from the audience is selected to win prizes. When the show was called The Friday Night Project, it was not live; it was recorded at The London Studios on the night before it was broadcast on Channel 4. When the show became The Sunday Night Project, the show retained its Thursday night taping schedule.

Justin Lee Collins: Good Times - Big Brother - Netflix

When the show returned in 2006 with Alan and Justin, the show was repackaged around Big Brother. The two series were scheduled at the same time as both Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother. During the summer series, there would be several mentions of the show. The guest hosts would always mention in their monologue which housemate got evicted that night. During the Friday Night News, there would often be a taped segment (from Alan's supposed housemaid “Juanita”) where Justin, Alan and the guest host would dress up as the housemates, making fun of them. Finally, the previous week's evicted housemate would always show up during the “Who Knows the Most about the Guest Host” segment as a contestant or to wear “The Coat of Cash”. Carr has revealed that he was against having the evicted housemates appear on the show.

Justin Lee Collins: Good Times - References - Netflix