Inside the Freemasons - Netflix

This brand new five part documentary seeks to discover the truth behind the ancient rituals and closely-guarded practices of the world's oldest social network, taking viewers exclusively behind the scenes in the run up to its 300th anniversary in 2017.

Inside the Freemasons - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-17

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This is a list of notable Freemasons. Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that exists in a number of forms worldwide. Throughout history some members of the fraternity have made no secret of their involvement, while others have not made their membership public. In some cases, membership can only be proven by searching through the fraternity's records. Such records are most often kept at the individual lodge level, and may be lost due to fire, flood, deterioration, or simple carelessness. Grand Lodge governance may have shifted or reorganized, resulting in further loss of records on the member or the name, number, location or even existence of the lodge in question. In areas of the world where Masonry has been suppressed by governments, records of entire grand lodges have been destroyed. Because of this, masonic membership can sometimes be difficult to verify. Standards of “proof” for those on this list may vary widely; some figures with no verified lodge affiliation are claimed as Masons if reliable sources give anecdotal evidence suggesting they were familiar with the “secret” signs and passes, but other figures are rejected over technical questions of regularity in the lodge that initiated them. Where available, specific lodge membership information is provided; where serious questions of verification have been noted by other sources, this is also indicated.

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David Kalākaua (1836–1891), King of Hawaii, 1874–91. Lodge Le Progress de l'Oceanie No. 124 Vuk Stefanović Karadžić (1787–1864), Serbian linguist and major reformer of the Serbian language. Janko Katić (died c. 1804–1806), Serbian voivode, of the organizers of the First Serbian Uprising. Ferenc Kazinczy (1759 – 1831), Hungarian author, poet, translator, neologist Edmund Kean, English actor John C. Keegan (1952–), judge, politician, military officer from Arizona. Alexander Keith, Canadian politician and brewmaster, former Grand Master of Nova Scotia François Christophe de Kellermann (See Duke of Valmy) Emmett Kelly, (1898–1979), American circus performer, who created the memorable clown figure “Weary Willie.” member of Sarasota Lodge No. 147, Scottish Rite Valley of Tampa and Egypt Shrine Temple, Tampa, FL. Archibald Kennedy, 4th Marquess of Ailsa DL, JP, FSRGS (22 May 1872 – 27 February 1943), styled Earl of Cassilis until 1938, was a Scottish peer, barrister and soldier. Head of the Grand Chapter of Scotland for 30 years, being 1st Grand Principal from 1913 until his death in 1943. Initiated in Holy-rood House Lodge No. 44, Edinburgh, 17 November 1896 Charles Kennedy, 5th Marquess of Ailsa (10 April 1875 – 1 June 1956) was a Scottish peer. After the African War he lived for a time in the United States where he received the Masonic Degrees from Acacia Lodge No. 11, A.F. & A.M. of Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1905. John D. Kennedy Confederate General of Civil War. Soldier, lawyer, political leader, and the 57th Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. Member of Kershaw Lodge No. 29, Camden, S.C. and grand master of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina in 1881–83. John J. Kennedy, U.S. and Confederate Army officer, ended Regulator-Moderator War. Marshall Lodge No. 22, Texas. John T. Kennedy Brigadier General, U.S. Army, served in WWI & WWII; recipient of the Medal of Honor. Commander of Fort Bragg, N.C., 1941–45. Member of Hancock Lodge No. 311, Ft Leavenworth, Kansas and 32° in Army Consistory No. 1, at Ft. Leavenworth. George Kennion (1845-1922), British and Australian Anglican Bishop. Kent, Prince Michael of, see Prince Michael of Kent, Kent, Duke of, see Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, (Prince Michael George Charles Franklin), member of the British royal family, Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex (United Grand Lodge of England), and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England & Wales. Jerome Kern, Composer, Gramatan Lodge No. 927, Bronxville, NY. Habibullah Khan, Emir of Afghanistan, 1901–1919. Initiated in India, 1906. Don King (boxing promoter) (1931–), American boxing promoter. George Frederick Kingston, Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Ionic Lodge No 25 (Ontario) Rudyard Kipling, UK author and poet, Hope and Perseverance Lodge No. 782. E.C., Lahore, India; founding member, The Builders of the Silent Cities Lodge No. 12, Saint-Omer, France. Henry Kitchener, 3rd Earl Kitchener, British peer, physicist, and electoral reform campaigner; initiated 24 November 1947 in the Royal Somerset House & Inverness Lodge No 4 (London), Senior Grand Warden of UGLE. Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, British peer, Field Marshal, and Secretary of State for War; initiated in La Concordia Lodge No 1226 (Cairo, Egypt), and UGLE District Grand Master (Egypt-Sudan). Roger Kitter, Actor – Member of Chelsea Lodge No. 3098 Adolph Knigge, German author Henry Knox, Major General and Commander of the Continental Artillery during the American War for Independence. He is thought to have been a member of St. John's Regimental Lodge at Morristown. He has been credited with helping to constitute Washington Lodge at West Point. He is listed as a visitor to a number of other lodges. Mihail Kogălniceanu, Prime Minister of Romania (1863–65), Liberal statesman, lawyer, historian and publicist. Otto Kruger, Actor, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York

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