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Competition is fierce in the hotel business. Online review sites can kill a business' reputation with one bad review. Staffs are untrained, surly or apathetic in a profession that lives or dies on service. So what's a struggling hotel operator to do? Bring in Anthony Melchiorri, a hotel "fixer," who can turn any establishment around in weeks ... and he does just that in Hotel Impossible.

Hotel Impossible - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-04-09

Hotel Impossible - Hotel Impossible - Netflix

Hotel Impossible is a reality television program from Travel Channel in which struggling hotels receive an extensive makeover by veteran hotel operator and hospitality expert Anthony Melchiorri and team. The show premiered on April 9, 2012. After airing seven seasons, the series launched a spin-off series called Hotel Impossible: Showdown which involves four hoteliers of a pre-selected region that visit each other's establishments and judge each other for the highest ranking and a prize of $25,000. During season 8, another spin-off series called Hotel Impossible: Five Star Secrets began airing. In it, Anthony visits luxury resorts, learns what makes them special and awards a $5,000 super tip to a deserving staff member.

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