Holiday: Heaven on Earth - Netflix

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Holiday: Heaven on Earth - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-02-02

Holiday: Heaven on Earth - The Lovely Bones (film) - Netflix

The Lovely Bones is a 2009 supernatural drama film directed by Peter Jackson and starring Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Michael Imperioli, and Saoirse Ronan. The screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Jackson was based on the award-winning and bestselling 2002 novel The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It follows a girl who is murdered and watches over her family from the in-between, and is torn between seeking vengeance on her killer and allowing her family to heal. An international co-production between the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, the film was produced by Carolynne Cunningham, Walsh, Jackson, and Aimee Peyronnet, with Steven Spielberg, Tessa Ross, Ken Kamins, and James Wilson as executive producers. Principal photography began in October 2007 in New Zealand and Pennsylvania, United States. The film's score was composed by Brian Eno. The Lovely Bones was first released on December 26, 2009, in New Zealand, and then internationally in January 2010. The film's North American release date was changed multiple times, with a limited release on December 11, 2009, and a wider release on January 15, 2010. It was released to mainly mixed reviews from critics; the story and its message were generally criticized, with praise mainly aimed at the visual effects, Peter Jackson's direction, and the performances of Ronan and Tucci. In the film's opening weekend, in limited release, it grossed $116,616, despite only having been screened in three theaters, placing it at 30th place on the box office chart. The Lovely Bones grossed over $44 million in North America. The film also received numerous accolades, including Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTA and Academy Award nominations.

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Stanley Tucci as George Harvey, a serial killer who murders Susie. Tucci stated that he had researched his role by watching documentaries and reading books by criminal profiler John E. Douglas about catching serial killers. Tucci stated that his wife, Kate, had strongly urged him not to accept his role in the film because she felt, after reading the novel, that the subject matter was “too harrowing.” Mark Wahlberg as Jack Salmon, Susie's father, who becomes obsessed with his daughter's murder case. Wahlberg stated that his role in the film encouraged him to be a more cautious parent with his three children and to talk to them more about “not talking to strangers.” Before Wahlberg's casting, Ryan Gosling was set to play the role but dropped out of the film in October 2007, one month before filming. Gosling had gained weight and grown a beard for the role, but said, “The age of the character versus my real age [of twenty-six] was always a concern of mine. Peter [Jackson] and I tried to make it work and ultimately it just didn't. I think the film is much better off with Mark Wahlberg in that role.” Gosling later admitted that the real reason for his firing was that he had arrived for filming 60 lbs. overweight and sporting a beard, without having discussed the physical change with Jackson. Rachel Weisz as Abigail Salmon, Susie's mother. After Susie's murder, her mother despairs and abandons the family. Weisz stated that playing the character and the film and novel's “uplifting theme” made her look at life as a “treasure” and the film gave her a “positive feeling” rather than a “depressed” one. Susan Sarandon as Grandma Lynn, Susie's grandmother. Sarandon stated that her character is like a “comic relief” and that her character deals with the pain of Susie's death by drinking, smoking and shooting guns. Rose McIver as Lindsey Salmon, Susie's younger sister. She is the first to suspect that Harvey was involved in Susie's death. Jackson cast McIver particularly because she was an unknown actress. Mclver stated that she had read and been a fan of the novel before having been cast in the film. Michael Imperioli as Detective Len Fenerman, the detective in charge of investigating Susie's death. Christian Thomas Ashdale as Buckley Salmon, Susie's younger brother. Reece Ritchie as Ray Singh, Susie's love interest and friend who is strongly affected by Susie's death. Charlie Saxton as Ronald Drake, one of the murder suspects. Amanda Michalka as Clarissa, Susie's best friend. Michalka was better known as a musician prior to her casting. Carolyn Dando as Ruth Connors, a classmate of Susie's. Jackson stated that, after he had searched all over the world for the role, he ultimately chose to cast Dando, a relatively unknown actress, who was working as a waitress before her casting. Nikki SooHoo as Denise “Holly” Le Ang, Susie's best friend in Heaven and another of Harvey's victims. Jake Abel as Brian Nelson Thomas McCarthy as Principal Caden Andrew James Allen as Samuel Heckler

Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon, the main character and narrator. She is a 14-year-old girl who is killed by her neighbor. Ronan was 13 years old at the time of her casting and filming. Ronan and her family were originally reluctant for Ronan to accept the role because of the film's subject matter, but agreed after meeting with Jackson.Evelyn Lennon as Susie (Age 3)

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