Hitlåtens historia - Netflix

Music programs that go through hit songs for many years and tells the story of modern pop classics.

Hitlåtens historia - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-16

Hitlåtens historia - Ace of Base - Netflix

Ace of Base was a Swedish pop group, originally consisting of Ulf Ekberg and three siblings: Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren. The group released four studio albums between 1992 and 2002, which sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, making it the third-most successful Swedish band of all time, after ABBA and Roxette. Happy Nation (reissued as The Sign) is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, and was certified nine times platinum in the United States. It was the first debut album to produce three No. 1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart: “All That She Wants”, “The Sign” and “Don't Turn Around”. Following the formal departure of singer Linn in 2007, the band performed a series of concerts as a trio in Europe and Asia between 2007 and 2009. Jenny Berggren said in November 2009 that she would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the band to focus on a solo career. In 2009, Jonas and Ulf recruited two new female vocalists, Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, and released The Golden Ratio in September 2010. Clara and Julia departed from the group in 2012, and in March 2015, the compilation album Hidden Gems featuring unreleased songs and B-sides from the group's inception through 2005 was released, with promotion for the album being handled solely by Jonas and Ulf.

Hitlåtens historia - Legacy - Netflix

A number of musicians and singers have been influenced by Ace of Base. Lady Gaga has said her album The Fame Monster was influenced by the “super pop melodies of the 90s” by acts such as Ace of Base; The song “Alejandro” in particular has been heavily compared to Ace of Base's version of “Don't Turn Around”; Paul Lester from BBC commented that “[Alejandro] moves at an Ace of Base pace”, and Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine described the song as a homage to them; The song “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” from The Fame has also been linked to the band; Alexis Petridis from The Guardian noted that the song “is the first song in a long time that warrants comparison to the œuvre of Ace of Base”; Katy Perry said she wanted her third studio album, Teenage Dream, to sound like “The Sign”; “It's what I said I wanted earlier”, she told MTV; “We nailed it: It's roller-skating! It's '90s! It's Ace of Base! It's Cyndi Lauper! It's like all these colors and more”. Swedish artist Robyn said she was inspired by Ace of Base for her song “Dancehall Queen”, which was produced by Diplo and Klas Åhlund for her fifth studio album, Body Talk Pt. 1. “We were just having fun with that kind of genre music. And the idea of making this song came out of that discussion. It was fun. We really connected on something where music that you might put in one box becomes something else, depending on how you look at it”. American alternative rock artist Beck had plans to cover an Ace of Base album as part of his Record Club project in 2009; however, this never came to fruition. Canadian duo Tegan and Sara's song “Closer” was inspired by the music of Ace of Base. Canadian synthpop group Trust cited Ace of Base as a musical influence, stating that “the synthesisers they used were of great influence on me... [their] first two albums [in particular]”. American indie rock band Yeasayer called Ace of Base “a seminal influence”. American new wave artist Twin Shadow has also cited Ace of Base as an influence.

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