High School Entrance Exam - Netflix

During the entrance examination of the most prestigious high school in the area, a variety of incidences occur. Someone casts the shadow of wanting to crush the examination over the school. Who could this person be, and what could possibly be their aim?! Every single person is a potential suspect, and the truth of this whole affair is shrouded in mystery until the very end...

High School Entrance Exam - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-06

High School Entrance Exam - National Higher Education Entrance Examination - Netflix

The National Higher Education Entrance Examination (also translated as National Matriculation Examination or National College Entrance Examination or “NCEE”), commonly known as Gaokao (高考, “Higher Education Exam”, Pinyin gāo kǎo, lit. “High exam”), is an academic examination held annually in the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong and Macau, which have their own education systems). This examination is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level. It is usually taken by students in their last year of senior high school, although there has been no age restriction since 2001. The exams last about nine hours over a period of two days, depending on the province. Chinese and mathematics are included in all tests. An English test was formerly required of all students, but now Japanese, Russian or French may be taken instead. In addition, students must choose between two concentrations in most regions, either the social-science-oriented area (文科倾向) or the natural-science-oriented area (理科倾向). Students who choose social sciences receive further testing in history, politics and geography (文综), while those who choose natural sciences are tested in physics, chemistry and biology (理综). In 2006, a record high of 9.5 million people applied for tertiary education entry in China. Of these, 8.8 million (93%) took the national entrance exam and 27,600 (0.28%) were exempted (保送) due to exceptional or special talent. Everyone else (700,000 students) took other standardized entrance exams, such as those designed for adult education students. The overall mark received by the student is generally a weighted sum of their subject marks. The maximum possible mark varies widely from year to year and also varies from province to province. The modern College Entrance Examination takes place from 7 to 9 June every year.

High School Entrance Exam - Independent proposition - Netflix

Regional imbalance of social and economic development has resulted in disparity in education levels across China, which gives rise to provincial proposition. However, provincial governments have to increase budget on education in order to offset the declining credibility of the exam caused by lack of experienced proposition experts and management personnel, which will, more or less, cause a repetitive investment in human resources, finance or material. Moreover, independent proposition covers regional discrimination generated by huge disparity of cut off scores between different provinces.

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