Fleksnes Fataliteter - Netflix

Fleksnes Fataliteter is a comedy show is mainly an adaption of the British series Hancock's Half Hour.

Fleksnes Fataliteter - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1972-11-22

Fleksnes Fataliteter - Skyll inte på mig! - Netflix

Skyll inte på mig! (in English literally Don't Blame Me!) was a Swedish television comedy series starring Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström, produced in 1977, and like Fleksnes fataliteter based on Galton and Simpson's scripts for the British series Hancock's Half Hour, translated and directed by Bo Hermansson.

Fleksnes Fataliteter - Episodes - Netflix

The episode titles are followed by those of the original Hancock episodes and the guest actors appearing. 1. “Lördagskvällen” (The Big Night) 2. “Borta bra men hemma bäst” (The Economy Drive) Bernt Andersson Ena Carlborg-Mannberg Niels Carno Bertil Edh Sten Engborg Gunilla Engström Irma Erixson Britta Johansson 3. “Nya grannar” (?) An elderly couple with two attractive young daughters move in next door to Magnus & Brasse. Magnus & Brasse challenge the daughters' boyfriends to a tennis match, with devastating results. Afterwards they find out that the girls soon are going to marry their boyfriends. 4. “Till havs” (The Cruise) 5. “Mästerfotografen” (The Photographer)

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