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Darkover is a TV adaptation of Marion Zimmer Bradley's book series. The 25-book series, a mix of fantasy and science fiction, is set on the exotic planet of Darkover. It was started by Bradley in 1958 with "The Planet Savers" and has been translated into 17 languages.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Darkover - Darkover - Netflix

Darkover is the focus planet of the Darkover series of science fiction-fantasy novels and short stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley and others published since 1958. According to the novels, Darkover is the only human-habitable of seven planets orbiting a fictional red giant star called Cottman. The word “Darkover” is a registered trademark owned by the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust.

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Bradley describes Cottman's Star as a red giant, around which seven planets orbit. Cottman IV, known to its inhabitants as Darkover, is the only habitable planet. The three inner planets and two outer planets are not habitable. Cottman V is an ice planet that while not toxic to humans, cannot naturally support a self-sustaining human population. Like Cottman V, Darkover is a planet stuck in a permanent ice age. Only one small equatorial strip of its single smallish continent is warm enough to support limited agriculture, fishing, and livestock. Similar in size to Earth, Darkover has a lower gravity due to its relative lack of metals; it also has a higher percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. One Darkover year is roughly equal to fifteen Earth months.

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