Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin - Netflix

Jonathan Goodwin is a new breed of escapologist and professional danger-man, putting himself in the most extreme situations and dodging death, to leave your mind reeling every time.

Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-03-07

Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin - Jonathan Goodwin (escapologist) - Netflix

Jonathan Goodwin (born 20 February 1980) is a Welsh TV escapologist and daredevil. He first appeared on Channel 4 TV programme Dirty Tricks and has subsequently appeared in TV specials The Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From, and Deathwish Live as well as Discovery Channel's One Way Out and How Not to Become Shark bait in which he allowed himself to be attacked by a Caribbean reef shark. Goodwin returned to Discovery Channel in 2009 for a ten-part series of One Way Out which also starred engineer Terry Stroud. He also appeared in an episode of the Channel 4 program Balls of Steel with his dad helping him with a stunt. On 11 September 2012, it was announced that Jonathan Goodwin would be appearing in his own series on UKTV's Watch entitled The Incredible Mr. Goodwin. The show included a wide variety of stunts, from free climbing skyscrapers to “extreme planking”, and started airing in early 2013. It is also being shown on UKTV's Dave, and on BBC America as Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin beginning in July 2013. On 9 March 2013 he appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and performed the stunt of lying on a single nail, and having a breezeblock broken on his chest with a sledgehammer.

Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin - Good Escapes - Netflix

Goodwin became known when Cheating the Gallows went wrong live on national television and he was hanged. He survived the incident, suffering only minor rope burns. Goodwin has been buried alive, locked inside a box with 200,000 bees, set in concrete, burned at the stake, sealed in an airtight vacuum bag, and sewn up inside a dead cow to name just a few of his feats.

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