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Child of Our Time is a documentary commissioned by the BBC, co-produced with the Open University and presented by Robert Winston. It follows the lives of 25 children, born at the beginning of the 21st century, as they grow from infancy, through childhood, and on to becoming young adults.

The aim of the series is to build up a coherent and scientifically accurate picture of how the genes and the environment of growing children interact to make a fully formed adult. A large portion of the series is made up of experiments designed to examine these questions. The main topic under consideration is: "Are we born or are we made?". The nature of the family in contemporary Britain is also addressed.

The project is planned to run for 20 years, following its subjects from birth until the age of 20. During the first half of its run a set of about three or four episodes was produced annually. After 2008 new episodes became less frequent, and in 2011 there was some doubt about the future of the programme, including from Winston himself. In February 2013 it was announced that the series would resume, with two new episodes presented by Winston. Rather than the psychological experiments of previous series, these episodes focused on the first interviews with the participating children themselves and their families.

Child of Our Time - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2000-01-10

Child of Our Time - 21st Century Child - Netflix

21st Century Child is an RTÉ television programme which follows children with cameras. It is presented by David Coleman, a practising clinical psychologist. It began on 7 April 2008. A second series began airing from 2 November 2009. 21st Century Child is similar to the BBC shows 7UP, originating in 1964, and Child of Our Time, originating in 2000.

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In 2007, RTÉ television began following 12 newborn children and their families. It continued to do so in the years that followed. In episode one of the first series, viewers were shown seven of the participating families. Two babies were scheduled to be born of which Oscar Devlin was the first. However, a third baby was unexpectedly born. More babies were born in the second episode of the first series. The final six babies were born in the third episode of the first series. By episode four of the first series all the relevant babies had been born. In the first episode of the second series four of the families were revisited. The second episode of the second series showed one family with four children under the age of four. The third episode of the second series featured relationship difficulties, bad behaviour, and potential relocations to another country. The fourth episode of the second series featured a major decision. In the first episode of the third series a lone parent discussed the impact of depression on parenting. The second episode of the third series featured a stay at home father. The third episode of the third series featured grandparents.

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