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Britain is watched by an estimated 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras. CCTV can offer a unique insight into human nature at its best and - often - at its worst. But who are the people who keep watch of this footage around the clock? And how has CCTV technology advanced to help public authorities protect citizens on the streets? This series meets the surveillance operators who keep an eye on our public spaces and - in some cases - our private homes, and hears their frank insights into what they observe.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-06-09

CCTV: Caught on Camera - Beijing Television Cultural Center fire - Netflix

The Beijing Television Cultural Center fire was a massive blaze on 9 February 2009, in the centre of Beijing, involving the uncompleted Beijing Television Cultural Center (TVCC) building. The building was adjacent to the CCTV Headquarters, is owned by China Central Television, and was scheduled for completion in May 2009. Currently, the TVCC is being rebuilt. At 8:27 p.m. on 9 February 2009, the entire building caught fire on the last day of the festivities marking Chinese New Year and was put out six hours later. A nearby unauthorised fireworks display caused the fire. The incident, and its coverage by Chinese state media, caused a furor in China. CCTV officials had authorised the powerful pyrotechnics, carried it out without the required permit from local government, and ignored repeated police warnings not to hold them. The authorities' attempts to limit damaging direct coverage of the blaze were criticised by citizens and the international press.

CCTV: Caught on Camera - Rebuilding - Netflix

The initial images of the blaze suggested that the tower might be nearly destroyed. However Rem Koolhaas said that “they are simply rebuilding it as it was, because there was no structural damage.” The complex's main building, the doughnut-shaped structure, was not damaged. The building, which was originally scheduled to open in 2009, did not see any progress towards opening or being visibly repaired by the end of that year. It is currently being repaired, and is still slated to open.

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