Buyers Bootcamp - Netflix

Scott McGillivray offers a real-life opportunity for amateur investors to partner with him to buy - and profit on- investment properties throughout North America. Scott puts up his own cold, hard cash on deals with amateur investors and together, they either sink or swim.

Buyers Bootcamp - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-27

Buyers Bootcamp - Cokodeal - Netflix

Cokodeal is a marketplace E-commerce service that connects traders in Africa to the world. headquartered in Nigeria with reg no: 1165256. The Cokodeal service helps connect African traders and customers. With Cokodeal, individual users, organizations and businesses can create online stores to market African manufactured goods and services. Its founders partnered with Neoteric a UK enterprise to handle its development and support. Presently, its major trading are in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya. Cokodeal is an avenue for African traders to meet global customers and make deals.

Buyers Bootcamp - Invention - Netflix

Cokodeal was created as a need for a platform that alleviates the challenges faced by people in Europe and other parts of the world in finding Nigerian traders or African produced goods and services. To find businesses, products, quantity of goods and location. Also coming to Africa, noted with vast resources of Africa, She cannot continue to be a consuming continent as it will not aid its growth. Hence there is need to show case to the world African goods.

Buyers Bootcamp - References - Netflix