Body Fixers - Netflix

Body Fixers is a one-stop shop where people with extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and hair fails can come to have their problems fixed by a team of top young professionals.

Body Fixers - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-09-13

Body Fixers - Financial Information eXchange - Netflix

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is an electronic communications protocol initiated in 1992 for international real-time exchange of information related to the securities transactions and markets. With trillions of dollars traded annually on the NASDAQ alone, financial service entities are investing heavily in optimizing electronic trading and employing direct market access (DMA) to increase their speed to financial markets. Managing the delivery of trading applications and keeping latency low increasingly requires an understanding of the FIX protocol.

Body Fixers - Body length - Netflix

Body length is the character count starting at tag 35 (included) all the way to tag 10 (excluded). SOH delimiters do count in body length. z For Example: (SOH have been replaced by'|') 8=FIX.4.2|9=65|35=A|49=SERVER|56=CLIENT|34=177|52=20090107-18:15:16|98=0|108=30|10=062|

Has a Body length of 65. The SOH delimiter at the end of a Tag=Value belongs to the Tag.

0   + 0  + 5  +   10    +   10    +  7   +        21          + 5  +  7   +   0    = 65

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