Black Card Revoked - Netflix

Black Card Revoked is a nostalgia-filled game show based on the popular party game that offers a lighthearted test of knowledge of pop culture, entertainment, historical facts and politics from an African American perspective.

Black Card Revoked - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2018-01-18

Black Card Revoked - Napoleon (card game) - Netflix

Napoleon or Nap is a straightforward trick-taking game in which players receive five cards each; whoever bids the highest number of tricks chooses trumps and tries to win at least their bidden number of tricks. It is a simplified relative of Euchre, and has many variations throughout Northern Europe. The game has been popular in England for 200 years and has given the language a slang expression, “to go nap”, meaning to take five of anything. It may be less popular now than it was, but it is still played in some parts of southern England and in Strathclyde. Despite its title and allusions, it is not recorded before the last third of the nineteenth century, and may have been first named after Napoleon III.

Black Card Revoked - Ècarte Nap - Netflix

Arguably the most interesting form of Napoleon. After the deal, and before any bid, the dealer goes round and serves out fresh cards from the pack in exchange of as many cards as the players wish to throw away from their original hands. For every fresh card, the players pay one chip to the pool. They must not exchange cards more than once in each round, but they can either refuse to buy any quantity up to five. The cards thrown away are not shown and are not used again till the next deal. In view of the extra cards brought into the game, Ècarte Nap should be confined to a table of no more than four players, and for the same reason the bids should be made on much stronger hands than the ordinary Nap.

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