Big Brother Canada After Dark - Netflix

The cameras never stop rolling in the Big Brother Canada house. From secret alliances to houseguest hook-ups, Big Brother Canada After Dark catches all the late-night action.

Big Brother Canada After Dark - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 180 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-28

Big Brother Canada After Dark - Big Brother 12 (U.S.) - Netflix

Big Brother 12 was the twelfth season of the American reality television series Big Brother. It is based upon the Netherlands series of the same name, which gained notoriety in 1999 and 2000. The series premiered on CBS on July 8, 2010 and lasted ten weeks until the live finale on September 15, 2010. The twelfth season saw a slight increase in ratings when compared to the past season of the series. The season premiered to a total of 7.35 million viewers, a slight increase from the previous season's launch and the highest for a premiere episode since Big Brother 8. The season finale had a total of 7.89 million viewers, continuing to average slightly above the past season and the highest since the eight edition. In total, the series averaged 7.76 million viewers, higher than that of the previous two seasons and the highest since Big Brother 5 in 2004. Big Brother 12 was initially set to feature a total of 14 HouseGuests, though one HouseGuest left the show before entering the house and was not replaced. The series ended after 75 days, in which HouseGuest Hayden Moss was crowned the Winner, while Lane Elenburg was crowned the Runner-Up.

Big Brother Canada After Dark - Notes - Netflix

^Note 1 : 1 Annie was the Big Brother Saboteur, who was to perform various tasks to disrupt the lives of the other HouseGuests. She would have won $50,000 if she had survived the first five weeks in the House without being evicted. ^Note 2 : Since Andrew volunteered to be “the mascot” and sit out the first Head of Household competition, he was given immunity for Week 1. ^Note 3 : As Head of Household, Matt was given the opportunity to open Pandora's box. He chose to open it; therefore earning him a Diamond Power of Veto. The Diamond Power of Veto was good for two weeks and the user could veto a nominee and also be able to choose the replacement nominee. ^Note 4 : 2 Due to current Head of Household Matt opening Pandora's Box, Ragan was offered to be the Big Brother Saboteur for two weeks. Ragan accepted the offer and earned himself $20,000 for surviving both weeks. ^Note 5 : Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto shortly before the eviction ceremony on himself and named Kathy as his replacement. ^Note 6 : Matt could not have nominated Ragan as he was in possession of the Power of Veto. Brendon, as reigning Head of Household, was immune from nomination as well and was unable to vote. ^Note 7 : Week 7 was a double eviction week. Following Matt's eviction, the remaining HouseGuests played a week's worth of game — including HoH and Veto competitions, and Nomination, Veto, and Eviction ceremonies — during the remainder of the weekly live show, culminating in a second eviction for the week. ^Note 8 : During the finale, the jury members vote for which finalist should win Big Brother.

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