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Every summer, all over the country, teams battle it out to be crowned kings of their city. It's time to see who will go from local legend to national champion. Ball Up is launching the Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge, the first national summer basketball competition challenging the top players and teams in the country to go at it for a national title. Played in six markets throughout the summer, the summer challenge will feature elite competition that raises the bar of summer basketball and culminates with the top teams from each city competing on a national stage for a life changing prize and ultimate bragging rights.

Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-16

Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge - For Love or Money (TV series) - Netflix

For Love or Money is an American reality television show initially broadcast as summer programming on NBC in 2003 and 2004. Four seasons of the program were shown in linked pairs, and all seasons were hosted by Jordan Murphy. It was produced by Nash Entertainment with Bruce Nash and J. D. Roth as two of the executive producers.

Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge - Seasons 3 and 4 - Netflix

The third season, which aired in 2004, featured Preston Mercer choosing from among a set of sixteen female suitors. Because the show was cast and filmed after the first version of the series aired, a new twist was incorporated: each woman was initially presented a seemingly blank check that she would have the option of ultimately choosing over Preston. Ultraviolet light would reveal the check's value, which would be one of the following: $1 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000 Eventually, Preston was informed that the show was in fact For Love or Money and further, he was shown the value of each woman's check while the women themselves initially remained ignorant of their values. In addition, if the woman Preston chose then chose him in return, Preston would subsequently have the option of choosing a million-dollar prize over her. The women did not know that Preston had received any of this information. Some of the female contestants eventually learned the values of their check through competitions within the game. The final four women choose from among four new checks with mystery values; two were worth $1 and two were worth $1 million. In the end, Preston chose PJ Spillman over Rachel Veltri, who was considered the season's major antagonist. PJ chose Preston, who revealed that he, too, had to choose between love or money, and he chose PJ. Rachel tore up her million-dollar check while PJ did not learn within the show that her check had been worth only one dollar. In the fourth season, which aired immediately after the third, Rachel returned to the house to again compete for the million dollars that she would have won. She was told that she would choose a suitor from among 15 men, and then would have the option of choosing a million-dollar prize over that suitor if he first chose her over a cash prize. Unbeknownst to her, the same offer was made to Andrea Langi, who also lost a million-dollar check while wooing Preston, and who was in turn unaware of Rachel's presence in the new competition. The two women only learned that they were still competing against each other right before meeting the male contestants. Each of the fifteen men was presented with checks in the same manner as the women had been in season 3. However, the new twist was that the men were immediately shown the values of their checks while Rachel and Andrea didn't know the values or that the men did know them. The fifteen men were then introduced to both women and had the opportunity to socialize with them for an evening. The men were then instructed to choose one of the two women to continue courting. Eight of the men courted Rachel her while only seven courted Andrea. In a twist, Andrea was consequently eliminated from the show, as were all of the men who had chosen her. Rachel became the sole bachelorette and was left to choose from among the eight men. Similarly to season 3, the final four men choose from among four mystery checks; again, two were worth one dollar and two were worth a million dollars. In the end, Rachel chose Caleb Janus over Mike Deatly. Caleb chose Rachel over his check and Rachel chose Caleb in return. Mike had to destroy his one-dollar check, while Caleb could forget about his one-dollar check and focus on Rachel, both holders of the million-dollar checks having already been eliminated. It was reported that Caleb and Rachel split up a month after the end of the show's production.

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