Australia: Life on the Edge - Netflix

Australia: Life on the Edge is a blue-chip adventure series commissioned by National Geographic. The series follows a team of experts on an epic adventure round Australia by air, sea and land exploring our coast and revealing how our lives are intimately connected to our shores. In each of our seven episodes we will be telling stories about Australia's history, geography, wildlife and human endeavour. From the majesty of our vast natural environment to the wonders of our man-made world, this is Australia like you've never seen it before.

Australia: Life on the Edge - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-08-18

Australia: Life on the Edge - Student Edge - Netflix

Student Edge is an Australian organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of students across the country. The company aims to do this by helping students save and manage money, prepare for the workplace, find jobs and make informed career and life decisions. The company currently has approximately 900,000 members.

Australia: Life on the Edge - Founding - Netflix

Student Edge was founded in 2003 in Perth, Western Australia by university students Damien Langley, Jeremy Chetty, Craig Chetty and Simon Loader. A student advocacy service, it offers Australians participating in secondary, tertiary education and apprenticeships/traineeships to register for Student Edge membership and take advantage of discounts, free job and internship search boards, career tips and well-being services. While it began with a $20 subscription cost as its initial business model, the model was upturned in 2006/2007, making the membership, as well as access to its exclusive deals and competitions, free. The company now relies on advertising and sponsorship for its revenue. Following this move, its membership flourished with major brands such as Apple, McDonald's, Boost Juice and Bankwest - along with numerous Government agencies - coming on board to sponsor the company. The rise in popularity led to the company's national launch in August 2010.

Australia: Life on the Edge - References - Netflix