Above the Clouds - Netflix

The story of a girl from the province who decides to become an aspiring actress by starting from the bottom of the ladder. She crosses paths with a jaded and self-absorbed superstar who ends up falling for her.

Jian Xi moves from the country to the big city of Beijing to find her biological mother. Somehow, she ends up in the acting world and has to fight with fellow rising starlets for the chance in the spotlight (because you either rise or fall). She meets arrogant top star Tang Fei and melts his heart with her pure beauty and passion for acting.

Above the Clouds - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-23

Above the Clouds - Sea of clouds - Netflix

A sea of clouds is an overcast layer of clouds, viewed from above, with a relatively uniform top which shows undulations of very different lengths resembling waves. A sea of fog is formed from stratus clouds or fog and does not show undulations. In both cases, the phenomenon looks very similar to the open ocean. The comparison is even more complete if some mountain peaks rise above the clouds, thus resembling islands.

Above the Clouds - Formation - Netflix

A sea of clouds forms generally in valleys or over seas in very stable air mass conditions such as in a temperature inversion. Humidity can then reach saturation and condensation leads to a very uniform stratocumulus cloud, stratus cloud or fog. Above this layer, the air must be dry. This is a common situation in a high-pressure area with cooling at the surface by radiative cooling at night in summer, or advection of cold air in winter or in a marine layer.

Above the Clouds - References - Netflix