10 Best Space-Saving Solutions - Netflix

10 Best Space-Saving Solutions takes an everyday home and turns it into a spacious home with the simple adjustments of everyday things. Whether handy or not, DIY takes the viewer into a world where things aren't too hard to fix.

10 Best Space-Saving Solutions - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-03

10 Best Space-Saving Solutions - Nancy Conrad - Netflix

Nancy (Crane) Conrad (born September 25, 1942) is a teacher, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and public speaker. She is the wife of late astronaut Pete Conrad and Founder and Chair of the Conrad Foundation.

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Nancy Conrad was born on September 25, 1942 in Denver, Colorado where she became a high school English teacher at George Washington High School. She later began work in the publishing industry as Associate Publisher for International Business Woman magazine. While at this publication, Conrad interviewed many notable women including Betty Ford, Kay Koplovitz, Mary Kay Ash and Caroline Rose Hunt. She also served as a contributing writer for the articles “ “A Century on Wheels: The Great American Race” and “100 Years of Moving Pictures.”

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